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[Solved] Conflict on which primary school

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Hello all,

I seek some advice and perhaps some encouragement.

Perhaps some bullet points first.

My ex is by definition impossible to talk too. I've tried mediation twice and twice shes refused to attend.
I have the majority share care of my daughter 4/3 night.
I own my own property in a town that I've lived in for 40+ years
My ex has roots issues with at least 7 addresses in the last 10 years.
We live in 2 separate/catchment council area approximately 20 minutes apart.

My daughter is due to start Primary 1 in august. August 17th in my exes area and 24th August in my area.
I'm waiting on legal aid to take this issue to court before then however i'm not sure if that will happen hence im here.

I have my daughter for the 3 weeks summer holidays when shes due to start in both areas so I have the choice to decide and make the choice.

what do I do if it doesn't go to court before then?

Do I ignore my wishes and take our daughter to the ex's choice? ( This school is awful, the ex confessed this before, Not now since the court order granted my majority time with our daughter)

Do I hold off (which I expect hell on earth from the ex) and take my daughter to my catchment school? (The ex will cause a massive scene here in front of our daughter and the other parents in turn ruining our daughters first day at school.) After this first day (Wednesday) the likelihood she will take our daughter to the other primary for the Thursday and Friday.

Has anyone else been through this scenario before?

I'm sure this isn't coming across well but i'm trying to keep it to the main point.

If you need anymore information i will answer to aid in advise

Thanks in advance.

Topic starter Posted : 24/06/2016 3:07 am
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Hi, I'm afraid I don't have in depth knowledge of the Scottish court or education systems. I can tell you in England where there is a specific issue regarding a school choice before the court, the decision would be based on what is best for the child and where they live the majority of the time would certainly be a deciding factor. Ultimately, you can either leave this decision for the court to make or it's something you will have to decide for yourself. Is attending mediation an option perhaps?

Posted : 24/06/2016 2:03 pm
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Thank you for replying. Yes I've attended mediation twice. Both times the mother refused to attend claiming a waste of time.

My solicitor has always said, " I cannot make an unreasonable person, reasonable. " which this woman is.

I have been liasioning with both schools and keeping them updated of my intentions and what's happening with the legal aid application.

Topic starter Posted : 24/06/2016 6:40 pm

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