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[Solved] Unauthorised absence and fines

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Hello everyone, my eldest son has just spent 9 months (since Nov 15)being given every excuse for not going to school. I have phoned the school a minimum of 3 times per week just to see if he is safe and at school. His attendance is between 60-65%, he has been telling his mum that he isn't going to school so she has gone to work whilst he stays in bed. The school has tried to get him going to school even letting him go for 2hrs a day! The attendance manager has told me that it's so serious now, that fines will now start being sent out if he does not have a medical reason for his absence ! She also told me that even though I live 230miles away, I am still going to held liable for 50% of any fines levied. The manager accepted that there is not much I can do to get my son to school but that's kent educations policy.
How do any of you feel about these rules?
I have told my ex wife that she must agree that if he has just one day of unauthorised absence. Then he must be sent here to live where I am free to ensure he attends school every day, even if i have to sit next to him in every lesson. I said to her that if she feels that she cannot agree with this. She can agree to accept 100% of the fines, because I cannot affect my sons attendence from this distance so she can let me be responsible or she must accept responsibility!

Is that a fair and responsible agreement?

Topic starter Posted : 29/07/2016 3:47 am
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I would say that it's ridiculous to expect you to pay half a potential fine living that far away.

Is your son suffering with depression or anything else that might prevent him wanting to attend? There are usually reasons for constant school refusal & getting him some support might be helpful. I'm sure Kent County Council will have a Targeted Youth Support Service or similar.

Have you considered applying for residency on this basis? How old is your son?

Posted : 29/07/2016 11:50 am

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