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[Solved] Useful website

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Good morning

I have stumbled across this website over the weekend to help my daughter with her reading:

any other websites like this recommended?

Topic starter Posted : 06/02/2017 1:37 pm
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I know my grandsons primary school recommend certain apps to enhance their learning, perhaps you could contact your daughters school and ask if they can recommend any or are linked to any that you could use.

Posted : 07/02/2017 12:22 am
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Hi barty9,

One website I would recommend to anyone, and especially teachers is Enchanted Learning

While it is a US based site it has a lot to offer. I subscribed to this for about five years when my daughter was younger. Here are some of my favourite parts:

Graphic Organiser

The earlier you can introduce your child to these, around 6 or 7 the better. Initially it will slow the child down in doing their work, but will make a huge difference in how they answer questions and will, if used properly, actually help to improve their grades.

Essays to Write

Some great ideas for writing essays, or a few sentences on a topic from early writers to more advanced writers. Some great ideas, and some you can both do, and then compare and decide who had the better idea and why.


One of my daughter's favourites was dioramas, especially using her dinosaur toys and others from the early learning centre, and often enjoyed writing short stories about the scenes.

But with over 35000 web pages for $20 per annum I found this site extremely good value for money. I think I must have paid much more on ink so my daughter could get the most of this site. Well worth looking at.

Posted : 07/02/2017 1:23 am
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Thanks for sharing this website with us. Looks really useful, I'm gonna have a closer look.

Posted : 10/09/2017 12:42 am
Alex Pearson
(@Alex Pearson)
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Very useful websites, thank you! I can share some links which were helpful for us.
If your son/daughter like to watch movies and explore other attractive science facts try this website
There are a lot of activities in different fields from social studies to arts&music

Posted : 24/01/2018 5:00 pm

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