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[Solved] Cybex CloudQ isofix

New Member Registered

hi lads.

I was wondering if anyone knows the Cloud Q car seat and how long the baby can stay in it when it's out the car and in lie flat position.

I'm assuming even though it goes to an almost lie flat position there's a time limit still?
How much longer than the advised 90 min could he sleep in there.

If he ever was to sleep that long lol

Topic starter Posted : 01/03/2018 12:19 pm
Illustrious Member Registered

Having had a quick search, there's a bit of controversy on this subject! Research suggests that newborns shouldn't stay any longer than 30 minutes in a car seat as their little heads are suseptible to falling forward , which can cause breathing problems. So if on a longer car journey, be prepared to stop often.

I've checked out the info on the Cloud Q and the seat has a really good range of positions and can in fact lie flat when out of the car, if that's the case I don't see a problem with leaving them in it for longer. Apparently there's a 2hour rule, but I think it's common sense to check the baby if out and about for longer. Good luck!

Posted : 02/03/2018 1:06 pm

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