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[Solved] Need advise

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Unsure if anyone will see this and if it’s the best place to put it but here goes. I was with my ex partner for 18 months and we made the decision to have a child together. She has had 5 children previously and all have been taken into care. 1 due to her not bonding with her so her mother took her on and then 4 with an abusive partner with domestic violence issues. We had to go through social services investigations and alot of trouble to get to keep our boy. She has depression issues and this pregnancy has been a nightmare for it along with another health scare unrelated to the mental health. At about 12 weeks she told me we were over which ok i dealt with and thought we were back on track. One month before the birth she just disappeared on me no contact at all. I was then present for the birth and saw my son for a day in the hospital. Now she has just taken him away to her mothers house and said we are finished. Social services biggest concern was about her mental health and i think it is this that has caused it maybe some kind of emotional trauma from having children removed at birth. I am now a week after seeing him and have not heard a thing. I dont know what i should do i was threatened in August if i went to social services it would be bad. If anyone wants or has any advise I would really be grateful its not good at the minute

Topic starter Posted : 16/02/2020 4:06 pm
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i went through something very similar. got a court order in place to see kids. i think you would need to take that route. first you can try reason with her, like ask can you see your child once or twice a week for a few hours. see what response you get.

if she does have serious mental health issues, then that would work in your favor if you apply to court, as courts social services will get involved.

Posted : 16/02/2020 10:28 pm
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I would take her to family court to start access. You would need to attempt mediation first. you may not get a lot of contact to start with( maybe 1-2 hours)

However your case is going to be different to most dads on here. It don't look good that your ex has had 5 kids taken into care, its highly likely as soon as its seen your a devoted father getting regular contact you may be on your own with your child full time. only way it wouldn't happen if your ex amazingly turns over a new leaf . As soon as social services are aware you aren't about they will more than likely start getting concerned

Posted : 17/02/2020 12:00 am

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