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[Solved] Not sure how to proceed

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I'm having my second child in December. I broke up with my ex due to doing everything in the relationship for the pass 6 months and having her hate my family for no good reason. Right now I'm not sure how to proceed with her since everytime we talk, its blow to where it is my fault for everything including for to go to therapy. That I never care for the baby where I would get denied of going to appointment, I only been to one but the rest I couldn't. There time we would agree that I come to her house to help her move heavy stuff but quickly say no and blame me for not helping a day later. We also recently lost our first child in December due to avm. It was tragic and she would even bring claims that I wanted to leave before and after his death, that was never that case. I'm trying to keep every conversations about her pregnancy and how she doing but it seem everytime I do, she belittle me to no end and I'm not sure if I should stop talking to her until we go to court in December for child support. I also been told to document every texts that were exchanged

Topic starter Posted : 13/07/2017 7:48 pm
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Hi There,
I would certainly document every message and converstaion, and ensure you keep the text as they may help you later on.
As for contact I would keep this to aa minimum and if things turm nasty just stop replying so that things don't escelate.

Posted : 14/07/2017 1:09 am

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