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[Solved] contact has been stopped

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i had a email from ex partner saying that my childs grandparent is high risk and therefore they are refusing contact until the virus has been contained. i was wanting to know if theres anything i can do at all. she knows that the guv guidlines have said that they can still do contact but shes refusing this. can i do anythin at all as shes using this pandemic as a way to stop contact which is not fair on the child.

Topic starter Posted : 03/04/2020 4:23 pm
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i have not seen or spoken to my kids for over 2 weeks for same reason. only alternative really is phone contact. my ex has made that very difficult too. nothing more i can do, other than get a phone to her and put up with her nonsense. a court case is open, so that should help.

family court stated that if you can't see kids during this time, then safe alternative needs to be arranged e.g phone/skype calls.

Posted : 03/04/2020 4:33 pm

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