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[Solved] Getting my daughter to the wedding

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I have a rocky relationship with my ex wife and has come to a head over conflicting date for my sisters wedding and her family holiday in Cornwall at the end of April , she informed my sister 4 months ago that my daughter would not be attending her wedding in. Scotland as she would be on a family holiday down south .... I told her that I would pick my little one I would drive down to Cornwall and take my daughter to the event at no loss of time to the ex’s leisure time or cost on the eve of the wedding ...... but this conflicts with her desires she is going to the holiday venue on the sat and I want to pick my daughter up on the Monday ..... she has come up with a solution though !!!! I could pay for her holiday party to go to Cornwall early say 2 to 3 days before their booked date and I could cover the expenses of accommodation, then she would consider allowing me to pick up my daughter so that she can be a flower girl ..... nice of her right !
Is their any way I can get a coart order stating that I can take my daughter to the big day

Topic starter Posted : 28/03/2019 10:02 am
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Hi there

You could try and get a court order, but there would be no guarantees of success and you are time limited. Because of the time factor, you would need to make an urgent application for a Specific Issue Order, to do this you would need form C100 which costs £215. You can instruct a solicitor to do this, but the cost is likely to be a lot more.

Best of luck

Posted : 28/03/2019 2:18 pm
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Do you have the offer from your ex in writing/text? If so, this will help you because the way I read it, she hasn't yet actually booked the holiday - if that's the case, you might have a slightly better chance of getting the order, but as mojo says, there are no guarantees of success and it would depend on the judge on the day.

Posted : 03/04/2019 11:03 pm

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