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[Solved] It’s been 2 years please help - child residency

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Let’s start from the beginning. I am a woman.
I was with my ex partner for 4 years, emotional and physical abuse.
I broke the relationship off and he run off with our 16 month old son. He took it to court and lied saying that I was a drug addict and lots more accusations.
I did my hair strand drug tests and passed flying colours, however he failed.
My current partner whom I have my youngest child with was charged with assault to his wife three years ago, this made the judge accept my ex’s request of a PSO being put in place that my partner is not allowed any direct or indirect contact with my son.
I then stupidly broke the court order allowing my son to have contact with my partner and when it went to court I agreed that my ex have custody and I had weekend contact, I was pregnant at the time and with my depression after having my son ripped away from me I felt that I was not in a place to give my son the stability he needed.
This was all a year ago.
My ex then spend two months in prison and is currently on licence for growing cannabis (he was found guilty before the court proceedings regarding my son)
His partner of 2 years recently lost custody of her own child due to drugs and alcohol abuse. Her daughter now lives with her dad and spends 6hrs unsupervised contact with her mother. No overnights. Also my ex partner is no longer allowed around her child as she admitted to being in a emotional and physically abusive relationship with my ex partner.
I phoned social services and told them what I knew and they only put it in place that my ex partners girlfriend was not allowed unsupervised contact with my son.
My son was with me for weekend contact 5 weeks ago when he twisted his ankle on the stairs, I took him to hospital and had X-ray etc, my ex partner has stopped all my contact with my son since saying he has safeguarding concerns as my son has come back to him with too many bruises.... HES 3! He is a [censored] wild animal he bounces off the walls he constantly falling over I would never harm a hair on my child’s head!
I have applied for residency but at the last hearing courts are saying not a lot has happened to change residency but my son is stuck in a abusive relationship and one child has been removed from the situation?!
Why are the courts not seeing this when he has a perfect home with his mother and his sibling away from all that [censored]!!

Topic starter Posted : 26/02/2020 6:33 pm
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if courts are unlikely to give you residency, then the best you can do is ask for more days/time with your child. do you have another hearing coming up?

Posted : 27/02/2020 12:48 am
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I’ve got a hearing next month. Myself and my ex live an hour apart and they won’t agree to anymore time, they said if we lived in the same area they would have awarded 50/50 but because social recommended him in the S7 report they went with it.
In his girlfriends case the S7 report ripped them apart, saying she can’t safeguard herself or her child from my abusive ex and this is why she can’t have her child back... but my child’s allowed to stay in that situation? I just don’t understand. I have nothing against me, I have no criminal record, I passed my drugs test he failed. I have my 6 month old son with me, I have a lovely home, he still lives with his mum. It’s just social that’s on his side but I don’t see why. His girlfriend tried to commit suicide in November! They both have drug problems but courts just following social. I don’t get it I really don’t. Also all this stuff with his partner is fresh since the last hearing back in November so I’m hoping this will push it my way. Courts said they don’t like moving a child unless it’s ultimately needed and child is in danger. My child is stuck in the middle of an abusive relationship why can’t they see this when one child has been removed from the dangers but they left one there.

Topic starter Posted : 27/02/2020 8:40 pm

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