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[Solved] Help needed with my children

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I am single dad of 4 my fifth child doesn't want to seem since she has left with her mother. I believe they are all happy and I am doing a good job of parenting. There are no issues apart from the fact that the social workers, guardian and the psychologist involved are suggesting that I lack the ability to nurture. The children that reside with me are all doing well at school and the reports given to the courts by the school also came through good.

I am looking for groups for single fathers to take the children to so that I can gain new skills and even speak to professionals to see if I am actually doing anything wrong. I am currently searching the web but not getting much look in terms of what I am looking for. My next stop is the local health visitor. If any one has any ideas please share them I don't mind travelling as long as I can get some reassurance from someone other than friends and family that I am doing a good job and the children needs are being met.

Topic starter Posted : 24/10/2018 4:00 pm
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It's probably worth going to your local Families Need Fathers group meeting, they may have a good idea of facilities in your local area.

Posted : 25/10/2018 2:23 am
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Hi there

Perhaps you could start by doing more leisure activities with them, sometimes nurturing our children is just about being there for them, being able to have fun together and encouraging them to reach goals.

You could think about activity days, trips out to the zoo or a local petting farm. Organise a hiking day to an interesting place, or a trip to a museum. Doing things as a family will bring you closer together and help you to bond even more and learn together.

Perhaps join your local Gingerbread group, this is a group for single parents and they organise days out for families, but also for the parents too... it might be a good way of getting support from other single parents, both male and female.

All the best

Posted : 26/10/2018 4:59 pm

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