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[Solved] My Toddler Won't Wee Anywhere But Home

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Can anyone help? I am running out of ideas and leaving the house with my little girl is becoming quite stressful, as it's only a matter of time before she wets or poos herself, as she point blank refuses to go, other than at home. But even then, she won't poo at mine, so inevitably has an accident at some point - she will only poo at her mum's.

She was doing really well and was almost fully trained, but over the last month she has slipped backwards.

From what my ex has told me, this only seems to be an issue with me, and as far as she's concerned my daughter is fully potty trained. I have told her that that is not the case when our daughter is with me, which she refuses to acknowledge, as if it's me trying to criticize her in some way for not doing a good enough job as a mother - she takes everything this way. So, communication between us that would really help us both in these kinds of situations isn't there, not for want of me trying.

I have a sticker chart which I still use at home, and she gets a sticker when she asks to use the toilet and completes the full routine. I had phased out using it for anything less than that as she had got beyond that point and it had become ineffective. I am now thinking I might reintroduce it for when we are away from home and reward her for anything she does - even just sitting (without a tantrum) - when we are out. What are people's thoughts?

I am also thinking about getting some pull ups for when we are out - but still making a point of taking her to the toilet and encouraging her to tell me when she needs to go, and rewarding her when she does anything outside of her pull ups.

Any thoughts, ideas, or advice would be hugely appreciated. I am at a bit of loose end!

Topic starter Posted : 31/08/2015 12:24 am
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Hi there

Children can pick up on anxiety and she may be picking up on your stress without you realising it.

You could re introduce a sticker chart alongside using pull ups, but Im cautious about using it for everything whilst she is out with you. All children throw tantrums and its best not to make too much of it, try distracting her if you feel she is about to have a tantrum. When we are out with my grandson and he starts getting agitated or bored (usually when we're in a a restaurant) I let him play some age appropriate games on my iPhone, it works everytime!

Try toileting her just before you leave the house, pull ups are a good idea but treat them as if she is still in knickers, asking her if she needs to go and giving her lots of encouragement and praise when she does. If she does have accidents play it down and try not to make too much of it.

Best of luck

Posted : 31/08/2015 1:39 am

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