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[Solved] Quiet teenager

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Hi everyone.

This is my first post, so hopefully I am in the right place!

I have a 17 year old son who is a gifted musician, and held in very high regard my the music community. He wants to pursue a career in music, and definately has the talent to do so - acknowledging that it is a tough industry.

To make a living out of music, you need more than talent. You need to have a business brain, a balanced ego and networks.

My son is very confident, but very reserved. Many people say that he hardly talks in in a group, and can be hard to get talking one to one. I have a great relationship with him, and I have started to realise that he spends far more time with me than his friends. He rarely gets asked out to parties, and when he does so he's not that social.

Networks are critical in the music business, and I do worry that he will miss opportinties.

Has anyone had experience with this. I'd love to hear your throughts.

Topic starter Posted : 18/06/2015 8:36 am
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Hi there

We all worry about our children when they take their first steps into the adult world.

Perhaps you could think about getting him an agent, or taking this role on yourself.... That lets your son concentrate on his music. I'm sure there are great talents in the music world that are useless business minds, but with the right support they still flourish.

Posted : 18/06/2015 2:22 pm
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It may be that he's quiet in groups because he has little in common - maybe look at different groups that are music related and he'll suddenly come out of his shell. The world of music is unknown to me, but are there any music related summer camps? If so, that might be worth persuading him to go on.

Posted : 18/06/2015 5:13 pm
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Great feedback, thanks.

Topic starter Posted : 19/06/2015 3:37 pm

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