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[Solved] Financial Disclosure - Divorce

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I don't think they have any intention of exchanging form e. I suspect she will drag it on.

Child arrangement order is around the corner and I'm going to follow CAFCASS recommendation - then build up more overnight stay overtime and if my daughter likes to.

My ex has no assets (except for pension which I do not want or items over £500 I do not care about).

I think form A is the only alternative for a swift outcome. I'll see what happens in the next few days if she exchanges.

Topic starter Posted : 28/04/2020 3:47 pm
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Hi- sorry to bumb this thread,  Im going through a similar situation.
we’ve exchanged forms E voluntarily. 
I have raised some questions, and so has she ( which she is being really petty and ridiculous ) 

my solicitor advised for mediation to cut costs as he does not  think it will resolve in a settlement. Her solicitor advised it makes no sense as its being dealt with through solicitors.  I have paid 3k till now and I am struggling. 
i have huge debts- she is not paying nothing towards mortgage or reserve fund ( service charge) 

Part of my questions were please declare the rolex watch i bought for you and to confirm you have not paid the mortgage and have no intention to.  She provided no statements in her form E. 

whereas i did as my solicitor failed to advice me correctly. Made me show all my cards while she withheld hers 

i am thinking of binning him off as all im paying him for is to write emails and contact her solicitor and represent myself. 

if the matter was to go to court than i might look into getting legal help. 

Any advice please dads.  

Posted : 08/09/2023 7:13 pm
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