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[Solved] Is there a way to be disabled and still make a living??

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Hello. Unfortunately, we don't have knowledge of what support is available in America as we are a UK based site. Difficult to know what to suggest really, something like proof-reading comes to mind as that's using your mind rather than any physical skills.

Topic starter Posted : 31/12/2020 2:40 pm
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Disabled. Single dad. 33 years old. No work experience in anything except running really old printing presses. I'm not going to even pretend that I have skills because I dont. It took me 15 minutes just to type this out and my talking ability is much to be desired. Broke my back when I was 24 and got a nerve disease that will continue to get worst. Along with tremors and various organ issues. Finally got disability but I made more per week running presses when I was 18 years old than I get in monthly disability. 1/3 my check goes to my kids mom. I moved back in with my parents and they thankfully dont charge me rent. All my money goes to food for my kid and I, medications and doctor appointments. Ive been bleeding money out of my savings because $1,000 a month in New Jersey doesn't get you very far.

What options, if any, do I have to get some sort of finacial independance? Nobody is hiring a disabled 33 year old. As you can imagine I'm a high injury liability with very little potential to make a company money.

Edit: I greatly appreciate everyone input. I truly do. At the end of the line you find fine folks like yourself. If I had money to pay you I would. Thank you all. Dont stop giving suggestions though! Could use every one of them.

Posted : 31/12/2020 1:44 pm

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