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[Solved] Child Support Agency

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Good Afternoon,
I have recently received a letter from the CSA, trying to claim in excess of £4000 for historic child maintenance, I have been separated from my ex wife for 23 years and the kids are 31 and 28, although sadly the 28 year old died almost 4 years ago.

When my youngest daughter was still 15, I drew up a financial agreement with my ex wife a copy of which was sent to the CSA that stated I would keep paying an agreed amount until she reached 18, clearly at this point my financial obligation to my older daughter had ceased 3 years prior to this agreement being drawn up.

I have had no further correspondence from the CSA, since that date, that is until now some 10 years later they are trying to claim that I owe arrears of over £4000. This is clearly a housekeeping exercise by the Agency due to their imminent demise in 2017.

I have clearly contacted them and advised them of my pre-arranged agreement with my ex wife, but they are now asking me to provide evidence of compliance. I have subsequently attended my bank who, advised me that they don't archive records of Direct Debits beyond 7 years.

Does anyone have any advice as I am clearly caught between a rock and a hard place, and it beggars belief that they should expect me to still have evidence of proof of payment when even HMRC, only archive official records for a period of 7 years.

Thank You


Topic starter Posted : 10/05/2016 6:20 pm
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I would look at complaing officially, and also contact your MP asap to get them involved.

Posted : 11/05/2016 7:43 pm

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