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[Solved] Evidence final hearing

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Hi, has anyone experienced, the mother of your child and your recent ex girlfriend talking. And then used text messages between both of them as evidence in a final hearing. My obviously biased opinion looks to me as sour grapes from both and presents more issues as to why these to would be “plotting” against myself. They do not live near each other have never met so there would be no reason for communication. Background The case has no welfare concerns regular contact already in place 6/14 no section 7 report required. How will this clear attempt to attack my character go down with the judges?

Topic starter Posted : 11/02/2021 2:18 pm
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I don't think character assassinations go down well in court. if their allegations are nonsense they will likely get dismissed by court. Cafcass are not involved so means there's no safeguarding concerns, which is very important.

Posted : 11/02/2021 3:28 pm

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