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Vasectomy Stories 12 years 2 months ago #402

Okay boys, i know quite a few of us have had the snip so time for your horror stories (and funny ones)....

For those of you thinking about it - don't worry it will be fine - [size=200:24tad524]if it goes wrong they only end up the size of a melon so nothing to worry about!![/size]

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Re: Vasectomy Stories 12 years 2 months ago #403

NEVER GOING TO HAVE ONE - NO WAY, NOT ME, NEVER ... having got that straight - i did work with a women once who told the whole office the story of how her husband woke up the morning after and his tackle was so massive as he had experiance a rupture and had bled internally - she did say we could see photos but we declined.. :shock: talking about this witht he guy on the desk opposite me he is telling me about watching the smoke rise up as the Dr burnt away.... man pass the bucket i feel sick

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Re: Vasectomy Stories 12 years 2 months ago #404

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Hmmm... I'm on a waiting list. Now you've got me worried...

But let's be men about this and not wimps, shall we? My wife has had three C-sections and lived to tell the tale. How bad can a little snip be compared to all that tugging and ripping and sewing?

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Re: Vasectomy Stories 12 years 2 months ago #410

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Ok wimps, guess I should add a 'positive' vasectomy story...

Mine also followed a 'don't worry it will be safe' experience (a bit of a shock at the time but a delight now) so can emphasis with Buzz. Highlight of the whole experience was kicking the doctor when she injected me - having done over 500 of these jobs I was the first to do that! Then it was a bag of frozen peas & lots of TLC from my wife for the weekend - back to work on the Monday.

Now, it doesn't matter where we are, or when ;) ...10 years later I can recommend it.

Only negative I've heard is if you want to get it reversed - but guess that has more to do with who you are in a relationship with & how sure you are about not having any more kids.

Agree with Pablo - watched my wife stretch beyond all recognition to deliver 3 children...guess this was my turn (& definately got the easier option). Don't fancy childbirth myself...anyone see the Sex Ed program on TV Tuesday?

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Re: Vasectomy Stories 12 years 1 week ago #517

I am planning to have the snip. The family is now complete with one of each. Going for the consultation next week and wondering for those who have had the snip is there anything you wished you had asked at the consultation but wished you had afterwards?

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Re: Vasectomy Stories 12 years 1 week ago #536

I am off to my vasectomy consultation on Thursday, will let you all know how it goes.

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Re: Vasectomy Stories 12 years 6 days ago #539

Just plan it around a grand prix or cricket international so whilst you are putting your feet up there is some good tv to watch!

Seriously, i would just ask him what painkillers to buy before the op so you can take them prior to the anesthetic wearing off ;)

Paracetamol, ibprofen ++ it tends to be a little sore afterwards.... Kicked by a donkey comes to mind...

Worth every second of pain though... our sex life has never looked back!

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Re: Vasectomy Stories 11 years 11 months ago #560

well, the whole consultation was about 40 mins. Went with my wife.
The consultation centred around the reasons for wanting the snip and discussing the other methods of contraception, to ensure that you have considered all the various options. We left agreeing to discuss the IUD (coil) further. Good thing though is if I do proceed with the vasectomy will not require another consultation providing it is within 8 months.
The whole process seems straight forward and of course there will be pain/discomfort after surgery - get someone to drive you home

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Re: Vasectomy Stories 11 years 11 months ago #561

My vasectomy, day #3. Apart from being very nervous when I actually got to the op, the whole thing was fairly straightforward. And not feeling too bad so far - haven't really needed painkillers, but taking it pretty easy - I reckon that's the key. Probably the most difficult thing is keeping the children from jumping on me. Plus trying to explain it to my oldest, without explaining too much :oops:

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Re: Vasectomy Stories 11 years 11 months ago #562

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I had a vasectomy about 2 months ago. Whilst the pain of the operation was negligible the smell of burning as I stepped into the operating room was a little bit concerning :shock: , but that said it really isn’t as bad as all the horror stories you here.

Very much take king_t’s suggestion of rest; unfortunately, I felt OK a few days later, over did it, and managed to obtain a haematoma, which caused considerably more pain than the operation. This took about a month to go down and anything that got close to the groinal region had a severe reprimanding!

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Re: Vasectomy Stories 11 years 6 months ago #964

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I know this is an old thread, but of all the stories that I have read there are none out there that describe the procedure itself. And I'm not really up for making my own webpage for just one story.

I live in Victoria Australia. I am 31, married for 7 years and have a 2 year old and 5 month old. So here goes.

This was a midline vasectomy (cut down the centre of the testicles to access the vas)

The wait for the appointment was strange. I was not bothered at all that it was going to happen, until the night before. I began to feel a little nervous as I went to sleep, then when I woke up reality began to sink in that some middle aged man I've met once is going to cut things that are not meant to be cut. The only time I met him was for the consultation when he had a fiddle with my testes to make sure the Vas was easily found. Unnerving to say the least. The procedure would be our second meeting.

It was a Friday and my wife drove me to the day surgery. It was brand new so it was quite comfortable. I remember thinking that I only saw female nurses - of all ages - and no males. I was asked to wait until I was called. There was another guy there waiting with his other half and a baby girl. We had our kids with us too. He was called first and the look on his face was like he was walking the green mile! His other half left. I was called about 10 minutes later and my wife was told I would be about an hour and a half. I was told the procedure would be 20 minutes so was wondering why it was going to be so long.

They took me out the back and led me to a cubicle with a curtain. I was asked to change into one of those gowns with the ties at the back along with tissue shoes and hair cap. "Take off your pants and underwear. You can leave your socks and t-shirt on if you like. Put everything in this plastic container. I'll be back in a minute." The nurses were all very nice and understanding. They taped up my rings, so I didn't have to take them off, for infection control.

The nerves were now in high gear. The sterility of the surgery was eating at me. 'What did I expect?' I asked myself. 'Beanbags and cakes with cartoons' I answered myself. I tried to calm myself down by thinking about the most pain I had ever been in and knowing that it would be nowhere near that bad. It worked a little.

Once changed and my box of stuff was taken away, I was led to a nice waiting room where I saw my green mile friend sitting in the seat next to me in the same getup I was now in. We looked at each other, looked at the TV and didn't speak at all. It just didn't feel right and I think we both wanted to wallow in our own irrational fear. We were sitting in nice recliner seats and were given blankets to keep us warm while we waited. The seats were very comfy. There was a flat screen TV playing channel nine (a free to air channel in OZ). The View was on. Kind of ironic really.

Green mile was called up and he walked off with a haunted look in his eyes. It was like looking at the future version of myself. A new guy was brought in to replace him a few minutes later. He was one of those happy guys, cracking jokes with the nurse. Obviously a cover up of the insane fear he was feeling, I'm sure. He referred to our waiting room as a production line and I giggled to myself, because it was so suitable to the situation. He tried to strike a conversation with me, but I couldn't stop thinking about what was about to happen, so was very distracted. We fell silent. Then we waited.

And waited. An hour after first being sat down I was called. The chatty new guy looked up at me and I new he saw his future self in me. He wanted to save me from my fate but there was nothing he could do. The nurse made small talk - "Wow, its really quiet here today" - and I responded accordingly. She asked if I was nervous and I said yes, very. She assured me it was common.

I entered the surgery room and was overwhelmed with nervousness and fear. "Bravery is not the absence of fear, it is doing something in the face of fear." kept going through my head. I shook hands with the surgeon and small talk begun. There are 3 nurses in there with him. I lay down on the table and they prepared me. Hike up the gown, lay the blanket on my chest. He pulls out a hair clipper and says he is going to give me a quick shave. He does it quickly and professionally. He gets the local anesthetic ready.

This is the moment that I have been dreading the most. I have had locals in the past in open cuts for stitches and remembered the pain of the anesthetic entering me. I also remembered that I could feel the pressure of the stitches going in which frightened me too.

He tells me that he is putting the needle in, which was fine. They all keep reminding me that this is the worst bit. He begins to inject and it feels like someone has knuckled me in the nuts. I jump and the doc pulls back exasperated. He comes over to me, annoyed, but kind in the face of it. He looks at me and says that he cannot do this if I am going to be jumping around - maybe we should do this another day. I actually consider it for a second. Or three. I tell myself to man up and just get this done. Think of the money you have spent - this always seems to motivate me. I tell him to go ahead and do it. I apologise profusely. He is just trying to do his job which I have paid him to do and I am not making it any easier for either of us by behaving like a child.

I take deep breaths and sit as still as a log for the rest of the injections. 2 in total as far as I can tell. It's not as bad as my mind made it out to be. I still feel the knuckling sensation, but it is bearable and over in seconds. The fear coursing through me just makes my emotions play tricks. He tells me that he is just going to let that kick in and turns his back. The nurse sitting next to me begins making yet more small talk. I welcome this and ramble absolute rubbish to her. Who cares? My dignity is already gone and I probably won't see her ever again.

I feel my testicles expanding against my leg. It does not hurt one bit, but it has to be one of the stranger feelings I have experienced. After a few minutes he turns back toward me and says he is going to test the anesthetic. "Can you feel this?" "No, not at all" And I couldn't. "Very good", he says " The local is working well". I was very comforted by this statement, but I was still a little skeptical about what the scalpel was going to feel like.

I began wondering when he was going to begin and my nervousness skyrocketed. I got a very dry mouth and began talking more garbage to my nurse listener. The doc let out a few witty one liners which comforted me also. I felt pressure on my left side on the lower abdomen. I state this to the doc and the fact that it was not painful but very uncomfortable. He assures me that this is normal and will go away momentarily. It does.

I then hear a 'snip'. I realise that he is already in there and cutting away. I then realise that I should have realised this before when I felt the pressure in my abdomen. I was too nerve stricken for my brain to comprehend. So, I didn't feel any pressure from the scalpel or anything at all down in that region. Literally did not feel a thing! I suddenly felt very relieved. I did feel the vas being pulled out, but only as if I were pulling string along the edge of a box - very detached from it.

He finished one side and began the other side. Near the end on this side, I felt as though my testicle was sitting on my hip. It was very disconcerting and uncomfortable. I mentioned this to the doc and he said the vas was sitting outside on my leg and this can make it feel the way I was feeling. He finished up quickly and put things right and the discomfort disappeared. He checked this with me the whole way through.

He stitched me up - again did NOT feel a THING - and it was all done. I sat up and felt a little dizzy from lying down. I stood up and was led to my clothes box. I was walking like a cowboy because everything was still expanded. I did feel a little nauseous, but not to the point of wanting to be sick. A few people have told me that this would happen so I was expecting it. I remember getting the realisation that I was no longer potent. It was a weird feeling, but got over it in a few seconds. I got dressed carefully. They gave me instructions and asked if I wanted a cuppa before I left, but my wife would be waiting and I wanted to go home.

I was given Panadeine Forte and I am nearly out. The boys were swollen yesterday (bout the size of a walnut or 2), but are going down today. Still very sensitive and I have to be careful - particularly with a 2 year old! Showering was strange, but doable. Gentle drying! I am using a gel pack from a chemist that you can cool or heat. Its more mouldable than peas or an ice block as it doesn't freeze hard, but is cold enough to feel like it has. Getting stabs of pain if I move the wrong way, but they dissipate quickly.

This is day three. I have to work tomorrow and feel that I can.

I hope this helps any search engine researchers to be more prepared for this particular part of the process. Everything else is well documented. It's not as scary as your mind makes it out to be and is over in not time. You will still be nervous - this is inevitable. but at least you won't be so much in the dark.

Good luck!

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Re: Vasectomy Stories 11 years 3 months ago #1368

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had it done twice.

First time on NHS, with a local anaesthetic only. I felt no pain whatsoever but I could hear what was happening, and I definitely knew what was being done, so nearly passed out (I'm very squeamish). The idea was to possibly have children at a later date by artificial insemination - I'd had sperm frozen just for this reason. What we didn't know was that my (then) partner was already pregnant. Bad timing :shock:

After about 3 years, we decided it would be nice to have another child, so we tried the artificial way, but after a couple of attempts, my wife decided it really wasn't going to work, so I went for a reversal. This is where they join the tubes back and hold it in place while is heals by putting nylon filaments through the skin and into/along the tube (attached to a bead on the outside so it doesn't disappear) - once it's healed, the nylont filament is pulled out and all is well. So I went back to the hospital to have the filaments removed. Apparently it was not a common procedure (though very simple) so the nurse pulled out this filament and off I went home. Got home and inspected, only to find that there was a second bead and filament (obvious really, one for each) that she hadn't removed. I couldn't face going back to the hospital so I pulled it out myself. The thought of where I was pulling about 3 inches of thread from nearly made me pass out. Again.

When I met my current wife, we were both old enough with enough children between us that we didn't want any more, so I went for my second vasectomy. Rather than almost passing out on my own, I decided that I would do it properly so went privately and got a general anaesthetic :D

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