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[Solved] extra time spent with my 14mouth

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Hi there

What you describe is whats called shuttle mediation, she must have told the mediator she didnt want to sit with you.

It sounds like hes more than ready to spend more time with you and be able to sleep in his bedroom. Just make it about what is best for him, how close he has become to you and his disappointment at not being able to stay longer with you and stay over in his bedroom.

Effectively she will be in breach of the existing order in a couple of months, by refusing to follow the order.

I think the court may take on board that she should have a family day on a weekend and They may order that contact move to full weekends (saturday and sunday) every fortnight, thus allowing both of you quality weekend contact. If tha happens you should make the point strongly that he is used to seeing you weekly and he would miss that, suggest that there be a midweek teatime visit perhaps, or suggesta two week rota where you have him friday and return him on saturday lunch time on week 1 and week 2 have him from saturday lunchtime until sunday evening.

You could also suggest that you have a midweek teatime visit perhaps.

Some orders also include provision for christmas and birthdays, you could suggest that christmas is alternated so hat he is with you on christmas day one year and with her the next.

Its also reasonable to ask for holidays to be defined, a block of a week in the summer to allow you to go away on holiday with him.

Explain that if a schedule of contact isnt defined, its highly likley that progress wont be made, as the mother hasnt shown any inclination to work together to progress contact in the past.

All the best

Posted : 15/05/2018 1:14 pm
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