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Hi, after a difficult year hoping 2018 will be the time of change. Basically after my relationship breakdown and her using the dreaded 'system' to block me from my childrens lives for 10 months. I have walked away unscathed and with regular contact with my children finally things are improving.
Anyway as I'm sure you all know courts bring the worst out in an ex e.g. false allegations efc. People including myself relise that being a male,man,dad, daddy, father in the views of courts & laws are greatly behind what most reasonable fathers would feel is fair. Im not going to climb a building in fancy dress, thats not me......However what is me is to question why? How? What possibly could be done? to make society agree to shared parenting and give me/reasonable dads a fair crack of the whip.

To cut to the chase i have a petition with the Welsh Assembly which i beleave could/can make somekind of difference in the long run which will making a difference to how men are seen within society. So am i changing laws? No. So how? I feel that the social sterotyping of a father (male) after separation or relationship breakdown is the begining of a crappy time of "being abused" by a system designed by women for mothers. Think about it . No domestic abuse in your marrage until she beggered off with someone else. So stood in a family court anxiestly wanting waiting for an order to see you children only to be kicked in the balls with false allegations of abuse etc. Everyone gets it in some ways, some more so than others. So i feel it has to be changed early on into things going sour.
Preferably people from Wales need to e-sign the petition, it would mean atlot to me personally. Never the less I wish you all bright and happy futures.


Topic starter Posted : 03/12/2017 2:10 am

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