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Proving your Case in the UK - Live show 07/12/20 2PM

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Hi, came across this show, scheduled for Monday 7 December 2020 at 2PM on youtube. Should be interesting and useful to those who are going through the family courts. It will be recorded and should be available after the show finishes.

George Hibbert, retired doctor/psychiatrist and Jill Canvin, retired solicitor join the show today bringing their professional expertise. George was a doctor and psychiatrist who was a consultant and senior lecturer in Oxford, specializing in drug and alcohol misuse and personality disorders. Jill spent her professional career in the criminal and family courts. Both focused on the most difficult family dynamics where they had to assess parents who were considered by social services as a danger to their children. George and Jill have brought their experiences together to help parents gather evidence they need to make their case in the family court system.

Topic starter Posted : 07/12/2020 2:50 pm

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