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The good, the bad and the ugly!

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The good

For those of you who like to cook, making cakes with the little ones is great fun. Even better yet, you get to clear up the mess afterwards while your kids eat cake!

I love cooking and for the past few weeks I've been surfing for good recipes. I thought I'd share this because it's just so tasty!

Golden Syrup Cake -
If you can't get hold of golden syrup you can even make it yourself with some sugar, water and lemon juice -

The bad
If you decide to make your own syrup, be very careful - when it's boiling or cooling down it really really burns your skin if you touch it - make sure you keep this part away from the kids and don't put your finger in for a taste for at least half an hour. I mean it really really hurts. Well done dad for being the guinea pig!

The ugly
Well, that's just me :/

Incidentally Asda are selling a new selection of christmas cake sprinkles and decorations this year! Get some while you can.

Topic starter Posted : 25/11/2017 6:07 am

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