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[Solved] Worried about kids sending/receiving text messages

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Hi folks

My teenage twins seem to be occupied with their phones during most of the day, and seem to receive and send a large amount of text messages, which they claim are from friends.

Is there any type of software on the market that I can use to monitor to see who they send the messages to and who they receive it from?

Thanks in advance for your responses.

Topic starter Posted : 29/08/2015 6:04 pm
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Texts are tricky to monitor as it's help on the phone - it would depend on the phone and realistically, if you can get hold of their phone to install an app, you could look at their texts anyway.

Do you pay the phone bill for them? If so, I would have thought that the bill would itemise all texts that they sent, so at least you have half of the picture.

Posted : 29/08/2015 7:32 pm
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Thanks actd

Topic starter Posted : 30/08/2015 10:16 pm

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