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C4 exploring lifestyle and spending

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Hi all,

I’m an Assistant Producer and work for a company called Mentorn. Here is a link to our website so you can see what we are about.

We are making a brand new one-off Channel 4 feature comparing two families with very different lives. They will have the unique opportunity to explore each other’s lifestyle choices.
We are looking for families with a thrifty approach to budgeting and also families who live more extravagantly, preferring to save less and spend more.

This fascinating programme will provide a fresh insight into how we choose to spend our wages and answer some of our most burning questions: Where does our money go? How can people afford to live a certain way? What is the key to successful spending. Our families will learn a great deal from each other, sample different spending habits and have the opportunity to reflect on their own spending patterns.

If you would like to sample another family's lifestyle please get in touch.



Topic starter Posted : 05/10/2016 8:18 pm

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