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Childcare sharing dad wanted for magazine feature

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My name is Gemma Calvert and I'm a freelance journalist writing a feature for a women's magazine, hooked off recent research, which revealed that dads who share childcare have a better love life than those who don't. It sparked a feature idea looking at how men's love lives differ depending on their age, relationships and home life.

I'm looking for a guys in all different marital situations - a stay at home dad or man who shares childcare, a full time working dad, a guy over 50, a single guy in his 30s and a man in his 20s in a long term relationship - to talk about their love lives.

This is by no means a smutty feature. It's a straight-talking, emotionally honest piece where the guys discuss whether they get enough sex, how their home life impacts on romance, whether they want a better love life, how their love life makes them feel, do they talk about sex with their mates, what they talk about when they do etc.

It's going to be one of those features that all women love to read because it'll provide a rare and honest insight into men's minds. Yes we need some specifics about each guy's sex life itself but it's the emotional and reflective contribution here that truly counts.

I will need to talk to the interviewees on the phone for half an hour max. Then all the guys will be brought together for a shoot in a London studio where they'll be styled and groomed by professionals. We'll also need a photo album picture of each man with his partner if he has one.

There is a small fee available for this.

I ideally need to put all case study options to the editor this week so please get in touch if you're interested. I'll need a few details before I do that, which I can get during a five minute phone chat ideally today or tomorrow.

My email is and my number is 07779290466 if you'd prefer to give me a call. If you want to check me out on twitter I'm at @TheGemmaCalvert.



Topic starter Posted : 21/10/2015 1:50 pm

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