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[Solved] ex wife no contact with kids

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Hi Harry,

I am sorry that you are finding your situation so tough at the moment. I totally understand why it feels like the system is loaded against you. It sounds like this has all come to a head because it is your son's birthday, is this right? I can imagine why this would be particularly tough for you at the moment.

Have you got anyone supporting you through this at the moment (family or close friends)? I can understand why you are thinking about giving up trying to see your children, not wanting to drag them through the courts again.

I guess you need to weigh up what is for the best, personally (for what it is worth) I think your kids would be better off having an obviously loving father involved in their lives. Access has always been the right of the child to have meaningful contact with their parents. So all this struggle so far has never been for your rights, as a father, but your children's rights. It sounds as if you have been fighting their corner with all your might, that shows a massive amount of strength to do that for your kids.

It sounds like you are a little down at the moment, it's ok to feel that way. If you have been feeling down for a little while then could I ask you to take some time to visit your GP and have a chat about how you are feeling. They may be able to help you with your low mood.

Where have you got to with the courts at the moment? Have you had legal advice or have you been doing this off your own back?

Keep talking


Posted : 22/02/2015 6:23 pm
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You have had some great advice and all I want to say is stick in there and dont give up mate. Stay strong and look after yourself. Those children need theyre Dad and you will be part of theyre life.....hang on in and keep coming here for support.



Posted : 23/02/2015 5:07 am
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