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[Solved] Help please

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Hi there right i I really need some help i was in a very volatile relationship to which we had a little girl who is know three me and her mom had many alterations this ended up with me being imprisoned for five weeks and a restraining order put in place on the mother not my daughter I have been to court for contact but they say I can't see her unless I do this cersim course which I can't do beciase I work full time so there final order was indirect contact I want to be a part of my daughters life I have turned my life around I work recently passed test and pay maintenecmde I just want a chance to see my little girl Cafcass report fucked me over was well biased any help or advice please would be

Topic starter Posted : 22/12/2016 3:51 am
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Hi There,
If you were asked to attend this course, then your best option would have been to use a days holiday, or take un paid leave in order to attend the course, if there have been issues and you have been in prison, then the judge would espect you to attend any courses that would help to prove that you are able to care for your little girl. when things like this happen the courts do make you jump through hoops in order to show that you wouldn't be any threat to your child. I know you have turned yourself around and wouldn't be any threat, but the judges wouldn't know that and they have to be sure they can show they have covered all aspects of child safety.
I would speak with your line manager and explain what is going on, the company you work for have a duty of care to help you maintain a work life balance, and should be able to be slightly flexible around any course that you need to attend.
If you have managed to attend the course then you could re apply to teh courts for a change to the current order.

Posted : 22/12/2016 9:08 am

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