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[Solved] Was it worth it?

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This is a note for any dads that may be going through residency issues at the moment.

My ex-wife decided she wanted to leave the marriage 3 years ago, her reasons do not matter (but they were money), what followed was the worst period of my life. It took me to the limits of my emotional reserves and cost a fortune, but I have had a SRO for my son for most of this time and he spends virtually half his life with me. Was it worth it?

My son is a bright, well adjusted and happy boy who is now 11. Just this morning (and it is only 10:00) my son has asked me questions about capillary action, how jet and rocket engines and ion drives work, about nuclear fusion, light radiation, absorption and reflection (luckily I have a physics degree and was able to give him pretty good answers and demonstrations), now he is inspired to read his Prof. Cox books and look up more interesting stuff on the internet (in between playing a bit of Minecraft). Was it all worth it? You bet your life it was!

For all those going through the self-doubt during the family court process, when it seems the whole world is against you (this is not paranoia, there is a lot of bias against dads, so you are not imagining things) and wondering whether this will be worth it. The answer is: be strong and resolute, your children will pay you back in spades if you do the right thing.

Best wishes,


Topic starter Posted : 10/01/2016 2:17 pm
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Thanks for that post - yes it is worth it, I can vouch for that also.

Posted : 13/01/2016 11:34 pm
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Thanks for sharing.
I would be lost if I had been asked those questions, Lol

Posted : 14/01/2016 7:44 pm

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