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I Am Not A Maid... But...

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I Am Not A Maid….but…. A Toolbox For Dad

Sometimes you have to be… I have slacked on duties around the house. Trying to help and take care of a house is hard work! My wife has done and does a marvelous job! Now its my turn, she’s the one that is working long hours and I am the one getting home early… So I am trying to pick up the ball and run with it… Boy is it tough!

There is a lot to clean up in a house with 6 and 3 year old. A bit unbearable to do all at once. (If that is even possible) So I decided to chip a way at the chores. I actually have calendar appointments that remind me what to do each day…

So for example on my iphone or Ipad, a calendar reminder pops up every day at 3:30 to remind me to clean something. Today is Thursday, Floors day. So I vacuum and mop the floors. Mondays are bathroom days. When you break it out over a week, or two, the large task actually becomes doable.

Give it a shot. Try busting up the tasks at hand… before I did this, I dreaded chores around the house. So this is my effort of trying to take the load off my wife… I hope it helps!.

Topic starter Posted : 19/04/2014 7:36 am
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