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[Solved] Self-employed

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hey guys, I am new here and I need your opinions. I broke with my wife 3 month ago and our son is living with me. I finished my studies some years ago (IT) and after I moved to UK. Origin I am from Austria. Well, I don't want to go back because I have my son here and his mom. But anyway, now I am thinking to get self-employed. Is here anyone with some experiences like this? I mean self-employed with a son.. I think it's a kind of hard but at the other side I can manage my time schedule by myself... the other thing I wanted to ask wheather you know a good print shop? I want to give some IT courses and for sure I think I have to make some advertising. I heard good things about this do you know this or can you recommend some cheap with a good quality?? thank you so much

Topic starter Posted : 30/09/2014 6:28 pm
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Hi and welcome

There are a number of people on here who are self employed - how are you managing contact etc with your son at the moment, it the relationship with your ex on good terms?

Posted : 01/10/2014 10:48 pm

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