Child Benefit

The Government gives you nearly £1000 a year for your first child, and over £600 a year for each subsequent one. Dad.Info helps you to make sure you get this important universal benefit.

Child Benefit is given monthly for every child in the UK. It's a universal benefit (it doesn't depend on how much you earn), and it's tax-free.

It's paid to anyone bringing up a child or young person (although it's not quite that simple if you're separated from the child's mother ). 

Who is eligible? 

It's paid for every child until the age of 16 (or up to 19, if they’re still in education). You don't need to be the parent of the child, but you do have to be responsible for them. You may be entitled to Guardian Allowance if you're not the parent of the child, but you are raising them.  

How much is it worth? 

In the current financial year (2007 - 2008), Child Benefit is: 

  • £18.10 for your first child
  • £12.10 for each subsequent child 

It is normally paid four weekly, but can be paid weekly if you're a single parent or receiving income support or Income-based Jobseeker's Allowance. 

How do I get it? 

You should apply as soon as your baby is born, or a child becomes your responsibility. 


After finishing the form you need to post it to the Child Benefit Office with the child’s original birth certificate or adoption certificate. 

What if I'm separated? 

If you're separated from the mother of your child, the Government will not pay Child Benefit to both of you - it will only pay it to one parent. They will pay it to the resident parent only. 

Note that Child Benefit is what is known as a gateway benefit. This means that many of the other benefits that are offered to parents (e.g. housing assistance) are paid to the parent holding the child benefit book. 

Of course, if you've got more than one child between you, you could always think about each of you receiving Child Benefit for one of the children. This way, you may both be eligible for other benefits, such as housing benefits.  

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  • Guest
    tomgrace Wednesday, 01 June 2016

    Child benefit is really beneficial for the parents to meet the requirements of their child. It very much make you easy in case your income is low. My both child are living with me and I am availing this facility. At first there was some confusion in my mind when I visited here and go deep into the matter, picture was clear to me.

  • Guest
    Sarah Monday, 22 August 2016

    50:50 care

    My child lives with me and her mother 50:50 care half week with me other half her who should claim the child benefit

  • Guest
    Billy Monday, 22 August 2016

    Child benefit

    Hi two children aged 11 and 18 year old who is in college. My expartner (wife) and mother of both children claims for both children. The 11'year old is 50 50 shared care and during the schools hols I take him away for holidays. I pay for the majority of clothing etc and have tried to claim the CB but have been turned down, appealed and once again turned down again. The letter states we both satisfy the requirements but can only be paid I understand that but does it have to be the mother?!

  • Guest
    JonG Tuesday, 27 September 2016

    Child benefit

    In response to the above comment - I have three children and am divorced from the children's mother. Although I have the children on a strict 50:50 basis and pay half for all clothes, food etc,I have never seen a penny of the child benefit. When I called to enquire about this, I was told that I have no entitlement. Recently I also lost my job and have been forced to claim income support. Because I am not in receipt of child benefit I receive no assistance for the children or any of their needs. The four of us are now trying to survive on £73 a week. Speaking as a man who cares for his children and has contributed seamlessly to Britain for over 25 years in taxes, stamps etc. I feel extremely betrayed by the institutions of this country. Society only views men like myself as contributors and nothing more - when we have a genuine need we are simply ignored. The best advice that I was given by the job centre was to write to my MP - or the tooth fairy or the great spirit in the sky - it's all the same. My advice to any young dads starting out it to get the child benefit paid into your account - that way you may still have some entitlement if you ever get divorced. I know it sounds cynical but it's the truth.

  • Guest
    karl Thursday, 12 January 2017

    this system sucks

    My ex decided to leave me and my children before Christmas, social services put the children with me because of they were missing school and her son is violent and has had sexual issues towards girls, now I haven't been paid any money for my daughters for nearly 3weeks because she is saving for rent to get a property using tax credits and child benefits, she walked out a few weeks before Christmas,it has affected us all, now I'm on the verge of loosing our home because i have no proof of my daughters living with me and the council will not allow me the rooms, I have until the end of the month, she claims all this money, I cant even get free school meals or any rent reduction because of the house, I was full time in work but have had to take sick leave because of the pressure. I now have to go to court to get child benefit signed over, now how ain't this defrauding the system, tax office don't really care.

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Guest Saturday, 21 January 2017