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We get a lot of questions from visitors to DAD about mediation. So we have teamed up with National Family Mediation to give you the chance to ask everything you want to know about the process and get the answers you need from the experts.

We will be colllecting all your questions over the next few days and will publish the answers on or around the 5th July.

Don’t miss your chance to get the answers to your questions. Fill out the form below.

(Please note this Q&A is for questions about mediation – general child law questions should be asked via our forum or Ask an expert).

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Please note that this Q&A provided by in partnership with National Family Mediation contains general information about sorting out your separation. The information is not advice and should not be treated as such. You acknowledge that, because of the limited nature of such communication, any legal assistance you may receive using any such facility is likely to be incomplete. Any legal assistance or information you may receive using any such facility does not constitute legal advice and accordingly should not be relied upon


nfmNational Family Mediation is the largest provider of family mediation in the UK. We deliver family mediation and support services across 500 locations. Our professionally trained mediators, experts in conflict resolution and family law, assist families affected by breakdown and specifically, couples affected by divorce / separation to make joint decisions about their finance, property and long-term solutions for their children.

We recognise that you want to focus on your children but this may be a challenge with all the other responsibilities that come with separation. Mediation encourages parents affected by separation to collaborate (where appropriate), as it highlights the benefits to children when parents working  together, which include ;

  • Children do best when parents work together, they’ll be healthier, happier and do better in school with two parents supporting them throughout their childhood
  • Your children want to know they matter to both of you, so its better when you both collaborate to make things better for them

Family mediation is also cost-effective, quicker, provides for longer-term resolution and has better evidence-based outcomes than the often costly (emotionally and financially) stressful court route.

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