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Back to school after a pandemic

My little boy is back at school!


I can’t quite believe it but my Son is now officially back at school! He is in Yr6 and returned today.

The school has been amazing at preparing everything and communicating the plans they have put in place to reduce risks. My Son is a keen bean when it comes to school. I know full well this would not be an exciting prospect for a home loving child (like my Daughter). But, my young man went and tried on all of his school uniform without any fuss and fortunately it all still fits, just. He was keen to have his hair cut for going back, which I dutifully did for him. At one point it looked a bit like a 90’s ‘step’ cut however, I managed a bit of blending in and there was only one bald patch where the clippers slipped!

School bag packed with everything he could possibly need, they must provide all their own pens/paper/tech, it has been made very clear that sharing is not permitted. Odd when we have all been trying to bring up kind, generous little people.


I was unsure about letting him wear his tie, I just thought that it might be a germ collector but, he wanted to so that took the decision out of my hands.

Doing the school run for the first time in months seemed weird, it felt like a new experience. Perhaps it was the sinking feeling of the strange environment I was about to thrust my Son into. But really, I think it was the thought that I would not see him for hours. We’d been getting used to spending time together and although we both need some time apart; the prospect of a full day seemed such a long time. Just so that he would really miss me…I gave him a lecture about his responsibility to himself and his family to keep clean and ensure he keeps social distancing all the time.


At school we had to drop the kids off in a different parking area. Parents were asked to stay in their cars. I sat and watched my smart looking boy walk alone into the building. There were lots of friendly teachers dotted around the school site giving reassuring smiles and I knew I trusted them.

With only one child left at home this felt like it might be a breeze but alas, she may be young but she’s wise. She knew that she had me all to herself and she was going to make the most of it! Lunchtime was lovely, even though we sat at different sittings as I was trying to complete a piece of work. She made lunch for me and without her sibling around, I noticed her kind nature shining through. She offered help to tidy away and I greatly appreciated it. A fantastic chance to recognise her strong, caring character.

As lunch passed I couldn’t stop looking at the clock. I wasn’t used to doing the school run and definitely didn’t want to be late on the first day back. I’d also missed my little hard worker beavering away at the end of the kitchen work top. The time came to leave, and I made sure I took the usual snack and drink with me. I know there are germs but, this is our normal routine and I felt it important to keep some things the same as they were.

When I pulled into the school, I was a little confused as to what parking area I was meant to use but I saw my smart looking boy sitting on the grass and my heart glowed. I waved and he walked over. I’m not sure if he checked out properly but to be honest, I was so pleased to have him back, the last thing I was going to do was send him off again. Up close I could see he wasn’t looking that smart, with the dodgy hair cut and as always, his grubby looking hands. I suggested that if he would like his snack, he needed anti-bac. He smiled and I squirted some into his hands, he said “eleven”. I couldn’t quite understand why his first word on seeing me was what seemed a random number. He explained, that was the eleventh time he’d anti-bacced his hands that day.

Some of the gems he shared about being back at school; the toilets are now colour coded so that only the boys from his bubble can use the one with a green spot on, there is a new girl in his class, she’s a twin of an existing classmate and her Mum thought that as they are from the same household there was no point in splitting them and last but not least, they now have these amazing biscuits that are individually wrapped. I received a full description of exactly what types there are and what he chose when!

All in all, I feel less concerned about germs and viruses now because the big smile on my Son’s face when I picked him up made me realise just how much ‘normality’ means to us all. If we can make steps to get closer to a time we once knew, familiar settings, seeing our friends then let’s just got for it…carefully but full of hope.

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