Wakie app gets a stranger to rouse you in the morning

If you're the kind of non-morning person who hits the snooze button 11 times before waking up, new alarm clock app Wakie could be just the thing to stir you from your slumber

Ditch the alarm clock - Wakie will rouse you with a call from a perfect stranger

Wakie ditches the blaring alarms and tinny tunes favoured by most snooze snatchers. Instead, at the time you want to wake up, it gets a random stranger to give you a call to make sure you get out of bed.

That's right. Your morning alarm just got replaced by a sleepy conversation with a person you have never met in your life.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Wakie doubles as a dating app of sorts. Sleepyheads are, wherever possible, paired with a Wakie (as the callers are dubbed) of the opposite sex and, who knows, perhaps romance could blossom. Probably not one to download if you're not currently single, then...

Calls are limited to 60 seconds to avoid any awkward goodbyes and they're routed via the internet so mobile phone numbers are never visible to either party.

The app was devised by Armenian developer Hrachik Adjamian who's pretty sure his idea is going to change the world. "We are taking something – your alarm clock or your phone’s alarm – that serves absolutely no social value and replacing it with a new interpersonal connection as the very first thing to start your day,” he says.

But what if you download it and no-one calls? Well, if a Wakie doesn't give you a bell, the app will nudge you into consciousness with its own automated caller - so there's no danger of sleeping in.

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