Month by month: the biggest games coming out in the first half of 2015

Early 2015 is stacked with blockbuster gaming releases. Here's what not to miss

The start of the year is traditionally something of a dead zone for new game releases. But a lot of big games got shelved at the end of 2014 and, while that was annoying at the time, it's great news now because we've got a stack of blockbusters set for release at the start of 2015. Here's our pick of the best coming out between now and June.

January: Dying Light (28 Jan)

Dying Light

Need another zombie game in your collection? Even if your eyes start to glaze over at the very thought, Dying Light might offer that little something different to tempt you. On top of the standard zombie apocalypse backdrop, it adds intriguing features including a day/night cycle that affects your foes' abilities. The undead are fairly manageable by day, but come nighttime they get an aggression boost that means gameplay switches from standard zombiegeddon to full-on stealth-em-up.

(Digital download - physical copies out on 28 Feb.)

February: Evolve (10 Feb)


This much-anticipated title comes from the same developers who created the Left 4 Dead games, and once again it's all about the co-op play. Five players join each game, but the neat twist is that only four of you are working together. The fifth player is the enemy; and a massive, nasty, evil monster of an enemy (with big pointy teeth), at that. Play as the monster and your aim is to evolve as quickly as possible, thus boosting your powers and becoming an all-round tougher proposition for the team of four hunters to take down. Play as the hunters and you'll have to work as a team to avoid becoming monster food.

March: Project CARS (20 Mar)

Project CARS

Amid a busier-than-usual March release schedule that also includes Bloodborne and Battlefield Hardline, Project CARS stands out for its remarkable ambition. The pecking order in car racing games has been well defined for years: Gran Turismo rules PlayStation while Forza bosses Xbox. This new racer from Bando Namcai is coming after both of them, with a simulator-style look and feel that adds arcade-driving elements on top. It looks stunning, and if that loveliness is matched by its gameplay we could have a new champ in the racing genre.

April: Mortal Kombat X (14 Apr)

Mortal Kombat X

If it feels like the Mortal Kombat series has been around forever, pretty much has. The original Mortal Kombat game was released way back in 1992 - and here we are with the 10th full game in the series, coming out for new-gen consoles. Mortal Kombat is rightly famous for its ridiculous levels of gore, and if that's what you're looking for then this latest edition will not disappoint. Bone-breaking blows once again get the full X-ray vision slow-mo treatment, and the signature fatality moves - including the neat decapitation finisher in the trailer - return as well. Finish him!

May: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (19 May)

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Just what you need as summer starts to peep around the corner - an immersive RPG with more than 100-hours of storyline. The Witcher 3 - with its vast and fully explorable open world - is a game that will have you pining for the rainy days of winter when you could more easily sneak in another hour or two's gaming. This third in the series is the first to be released on consoles at the same time as PCs - and if you've played either of the previous two you'll doubtless already have it on pre-order. If you've not - and you ever loved Skyrim or Dragon Age - get involved.

June: Batman: Arkham Knight (2 Jun)

Batman: Arkham Knight

For this final game in Rocksteady Studios' Batman trilogy, the entirety of Gotham City is your playground. The storyline has the city being evacuated following some Scarecrow shenanigans and that means you get an open world that's around three times larger than that of previous Batman game, Arkham City. Getting around will be no problem though - this time you can drive the Batmobile...

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