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4:08pm – I looked up from my laptop to see my car, full of my family, rolling in to the office car park…


My whole day had been building up to this moment. My whole week. This was no ordinary visit – this was childcare handover and, it was planned with the type of precision that MI5 would have been proud of.

Faith handed me my children and relevant supplies – car seats, nappy, Thomas the Tank Engine (the essentials) and headed away for a couple of days with work. I then had the weirdest meeting, with my children sitting next to me attempting to share a tablet. It’s hard to keep focused when your kids are arguing about whose turn it is on Angry Birds. The meeting didn’t last long so I decided to give up with work for the day and take the troops home.

My dad always used to cook eggy break when my Mum went out. Marmite pasta is my eggy-bread and it was the fuel for our first evening of boy fun. The pasta was followed by some good quality wrestling time. After we all got suitably sweaty we attempted bed time. 90 minutes later and we were almost there. I think we would have been okay but my 3 year old son, who was already feeling a bit wobbly about his momma going away, thought he saw her at the window. I’m fairly sure it wasn’t her – the detailed work plans I’d heard were very convincing. We eventually managed to phone momma and have a quick chat which helped calm every one down.

Now the house is quiet. 2 days to go. There is much wrestling to come.

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