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8 Years

8 years ago I woke up in North Carolina – more specifically a motel room off I-95 shared with my brother


It was the start of a significant day in my life – the day I married my wife.

A lot has changed in 8 years; my day today was quite different to what I experienced on our wedding day. As Faith and I drove home this evening from a family celebration of our 8 years of adventure – we talked about some of the most stark differences:

8 years ago, I was awoken by my alarm set to a reasonable hour – something like 9am. I then got dressed in my own time and headed to meet my friends who’d made the 3000 mile journey for a USA breakfast. At breakfast, we talked and laughed and then they said (generally) encouraging things about me.

Today, I was awoken by two boys jumping on me. Instead of encouragements and a USA breakfast – my 4-year-old asked if he could play Transformers Angry Birds on my phone – and then got in a strop when I wouldn’t let him and decided he didn’t like the Weetabix I’d made him wasn’t up to scratch.

8 years ago, after breakfast I decided to go for a walk on my own to gather my thoughts. 

Today, after breakfast I scraped Weetabix off the sofa and tried to locate the source of a weird smell coming from somewhere in our living room. Faith and I then eventually managed to get boys dressed and herd everyone out of the door as Adlai had decided he would buy us a cake at the coffee shop to help us start the anniversary celebration.

8 years ago I wore a suit I’d had made especially for me. It was really cool… I still like it. 

Today I wore a T-shirt which was clean for all of 10 seconds before it had snot stains on the shoulder. 

8 years ago, after I’d married my wife and the party was over, we drove away to our hotel in peace and quiet. We held hands and talked about how well the day went.

Today, as we drove home there was was a whole lot of screaming. Adlai and Koa decided to argue over who should hold the coats (really serious stuff). Faith needed all her hands to separate the boys and decide whose coat was whose.

8 years ago I started on the greatest adventure of my life. Life today is loud, busy and messy but the adventure has not stopped and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.


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