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A Fathers First Word -a response

 This week I was inspired by reading Simon D’s post yesterday. He wrote about his pre-labour nerves and wondered what the first thing he would say to his soon-to-be-born-son.

 I found myself remembering the final weeks before our first child turned up and the mixture of excitement and blind fear. Like Simon I could not wait to actually meet this human that had been growing inside my wife and would soon have a huge influence over the rest of our lives. I too wondered what I would say to Abi.

To be honest I cannot remember what I actually said! The moment was such a blur of doctors, blood, shouting and high emotion that I can only remember being relieved it was all over and everyone was still alive!

What I do remember is coming back to hospital the next day. Abi was asleep on the bed and I put my ipod headphones next to her head and gave her a brief education in The Clash. Not sure why I did this but it was definitely a bonding moment. Esther, turned up two years later and had to listen to Rocket from the Crypt!

Anyways, Simon if you read this no amount of magazines will prepare you for the storm that is coming your way! But you should ignore everything everybody says and enjoy the experience for what it is. You will find yourself enjoying things you were dreading and vice versa.

If I could talk to myself 4 years ago and offer some wisdom I would say the following –

  • The first two weeks are ridiculous, don’t plan anything and don’t worry about anything
  • After the initial bomb drops on your life it all becomes easier than you think
  • The memory of labour fades quickly
  • Try and return your social lives back to normal as soon as possible
  • Don’t make jokes during labour.

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