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A note on style

I used to have a theory that no matter how down I felt, all I needed was a Happy Meal and a hug and I’d be right back up there. A baby dressed in a flat cap has a similar effect. I think it’s impossible to be feeling blue when you see a baby in old man clothes. It’s quite brilliant. Yep, I love to see a floppy baby head with a cap on it.

A friend of ours dressed their newborn baby as an old man for a fancy dress party. Now I know that this little boy is freakin’ awesome so he makes anywhere he goes better, but I reckon on that night, he brought some serious joy and laughter.

We have received several shipments of baby clothes this week from various sources all over the globe. Babies really bring out amazing generosity. As we go through the bags, my wife lets out various squeals and gasps as we imagine dressing our son in tiny jeans and cardigans. I think flat caps are pretty in for babies at the moment – I see a few of them about.

Thanks to these latest shipments from across the Atlantic (and one from Norfolk), we have accumulated loads of baby clothes. I hear that babies struggle to control their bodily fluids, so you can’t really have too many.

Also this week, we went to the midwife and heard our son’s heartbeat. It was there amongst all the crackles, super fast – normal for a baby, but super fast. I guess it must be exciting being inside a womb…or scary…

I can’t really imagine it, to be honest…and I don’t think I want to.

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