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A perfect kind of normal

Being described as ‘normal’ is not something that usually sits well with the soul. But today was the day of our second scan, and as the sonographer pointed out the various organs of our unborn child followed by the word ‘normal,’ a deep relief and joy stirred in my belly. A parent doesn’t usually describe their child as ‘normal,’ but at that moment the words ‘normal’ and ‘perfect’ were indistinguishable to me.

We saw our baby’s face. Its mouth was moving so we convinced ourselves that it was singing. We saw its legs move so we convinced ourselves it was dancing. It was all over really quickly…too quickly.

We did of course buy another blurry little photo of the sonogram. From my interpretation, it looks a bit like my kid might have claws, but I could be wrong.

And I will love it claws or not.

In other news, I am starting to feel like a real grownup again. I got the job…and the flat. Faith, the perfectly normal baby in the belly and I have moved into the flat. Instead of having a room in someone else’s house, we now have a combination of rooms, all of which are ours. Our car has its own permit and lives on the street outside. It really is quite novel to us.

Two months ago, we didn’t have a car, a flat or jobs. Check, check and check. We are finally home.

Oh, and did I mention that the scan revealed the sex of the baby?

It’s a….

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