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Baby, yes. Teenager, no.

Until recently, I had never thought about the baby boy my wife and I are expecting being anything other than a baby. Having a baby son is something I feel quite prepared for and excited about. But he is going to grow up.

He will one day be a toddler… well, that’s still cute.

A few more years though, and he’ll be a teenager.

I know that some teenagers are friendly, cool, polite and all that, but aren’t they in the minority? Most of them (including myself during those confusing years) are gangly, moody, greasy and generally kind of funny looking. Do parents not see that stuff? Do you just see the beauty within as they grunt answers at you and avoid eye contact?

I suppose parenting never really finishes. I am not just becoming the dad of a baby boy; I am going to be his dad for the rest of my life. I know my dad is still my dad. I have been blessed with a great dad and over the years our relationship has obviously changed, but it is still equally valuable to me.

It seems weird to think about the day my son will move out, or the day he’ll get married – he hasn’t even been born. Probably best to take it a day at a time. I guess the dad role is always changing and evolving.

At the minute I am really looking forward to meeting my son and getting to know him. That will do for now.

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