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Baby…I’m busy

As I sit to have a mid-morning coffee, I often hear my alarm going off upstairs. The alarm which used to wake me up has become nothing more than a reminder of a time gone by. I had thought that lie-ins were a thing of the past, but just recently my four-month-old son has begun to take on a few teenage characteristics.

Adlai has been sleeping through the night for a while (that is if you consider midnight to six a.m. the night), but now he seems to be selecting certain days to have a teenage inspired lay in. It’s a weird feeling not waking up in the morning to Adlai’s shrieks of happiness or hunger coming from his crib (not the MTV kind). I find it hard to think clearly first thing in the morning. There is a mixture of panic and confusion. As soon as I remember who I am I look over to see Adlai sleeping soundly.

Adlai’s new-found tiredness may be explained by his busy social life. It seems that he manages to spend a large chunk of his waking life hanging out with his mates at play dates or coffee mornings. It’s a wonder I don’t have to make appointments to see him. I have come home from work a few times now to find a whole bunch of mothers and babies in my living room. Adlai is usually the smallest one in the room and is easily identifiable by his extreme fascination with everything that’s going on. This is not a comfortable room for a man over two feet tall to be. I grab my baby and hope not too many people have noticed me.

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