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Back to the Present

Wednesday, 21st October 2015 is a day of great significance…


We’ve looked forward to this day for the last 30 years, and finally it has arrived. I’m not sure if it’s exciting or depressing. Growing up my brother and I were pretty obsessed with the Back to the Future trilogy and this is the day that Marty arrives in the future. The future he arrived in though, doesn’t look very much like the future I am living in – perhaps something happened to create an alternate 2015 – or perhaps real life couldn’t live up to the hype.

As much as I tried – I was never very good at skateboarding so it’s probably for the best that hover boards are yet to arrive on the shop floor. To be honest even if they had, I doubt my boarding skills have improved at all. To be honest, it’s probably difficult for a man in his 30s to look good with a skateboard.

They stopped making Jaws films and never made it to Jaws 19 like Back the the Future 2 – which was probably for the best. And 10-year-old me thought a 3d movie would be the best thing ever. But, now 3d movies really are here, and 33-year-old me would rather pay a bit less and watch the 2D version.

In spite of the 90s flares, the 80s skinny jeans are back as predicted. That’s weird. But, they don’t dry themselves. Or shrink to fit me. Epic fail there, reality.

Video calling has arrived and changed my Trans-Atlantic married life. Grandparents 3000 miles away can see our kids growing up. I’m glad real life got that one.

I’m off to buy a sports almanac and find a doctor to take me back time. I’ll see you in the future… or the past.

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