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Bend it like Beckham

I don’t know what Adlai will do for a living when he grows up. Whenever I think about it, I usually end up with the cliché (but true) “as long as he’s happy

I have found that a lot of people will first make an observation about a baby’s physical form or its actions, and from that determine what it’s going to be when it grows up. This kind of insight could put career advisers out of a job. For instance:

“Ohhh he’s got long fingers, hasn’t he?… He’s going to be a pianist, isn’t he?


“Ohhh that was a big stretch, wasn’t it?…. He’s going to be a gymnast, isn’t he?”

Notice how both statements end with a question. I don’t know why. They just do. I’ve found that people don’t really want you to answer these questions, though sometimes I do.

I’m as guilty as the next man. The other day I found myself swinging Adlai at a football and saying things like:

“Ohhhh he’s just like Beckham, isn’t he?”

I mean.. maybe he was a bit like Beckham…but only when Beckham was 7 months old.

Based on Adlai’s current activities he is going to be in the army. I say this because he is crawling all over the place. Having never been in the army I don’t know much about it but I presume you have to be good at crawling in order to avoid bullets and stuff. Alternatively, Adlai is in for a splendid career in the manure industry for reasons I won’t go in to.

I’m not sure at what age these predictions stop. Presumably before they become teenagers or else we’d all be destined for a lifetime of sleep and smelling bad.

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