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Big School Eve

It has felt like the day would never come and if I’m being honest there is a little bit of me that’s been hoping it never would… 

Tomorrow my eldest son starts school. He can’t wait and with the promise of mud kitchens and and tractor tyres to play with, who can blame him? Me, on the the other hand, well I’m an emotional wreck.

Having kids seems to have opened me up to a scale of emotion I’d previously been blissfully ignorant of. From the first moment I met the little guy it’s been an absolute roller coaster ride. And now on the eve of him starting school…  I’m proud beyond words of the boy he has become, excited for the adventure he’s about to have and so so happy about the friendships he’s about to make. But, I’m terrified at how fast the time has gone – he seems grown up and and small all at the same time –  and although I have absolutely no reason to think it – there’s always the niggling question – 

What if he doesn’t like it?

But… I’m sure he will… Right?

Over the last few weeks we’ve acquired school shoes, P.E shoes, shorts, trousers, bags, jumpers, polo shirts, t-shirts, waterproofs and wellies. The bag(s) are packed. His school uniform is laid out. His breakfast order has been placed (he’ll have two Weetabix with a blueberries and a drizzle of maple syrup). The school run route has been mapped out and we’ve discussed morning tac-tics. We are as ready as we will ever be… materially at least. Tomorrow the new adventure begins.

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