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Biker Boys.

I’m a bit of a bicycle geek. I grew up cycling around the Home Counties with my Dad. I remember following him for miles, in all sorts of weather – constantly asking questions.

As I’ve grown up my love of getting on my bike has continued. I cycle to work every day, read magazines about touring on 2 wheels and relish spending hours researching new tyres when my old ones wear out.

Adlai and Koa have always been pretty into bicycles and particularly my bicycle. If I leave it leaning precariously against a wall they soon find it and begin a quick inspection that brings it crashing down on top of them. They follow me and grab at my bike as I leave for work and watch as I cycle away.

So this week I realised a dream and made the long overdue purchase of a child seat for a bicycle. We only bought one and I decided to attach it to Faith’s bike, mostly because I’m a bit snobby about how they look and didn’t want it on my sweet bike with awesome tyres.

Adlai and I decided to work on the seat’s construction without consulting the instructions which I think helped us get it on in record time. Within 20 minutes Adlai and I were cycling around a local lake. He was telling me how fast we were going and pointing out ‘stingers’ and geese and I was feeling the most content I have in a long time.

As soon as we got back Adlai got out and I loaded in Koa and around the lake we went again. Koa seemed more interested in hitting his helmet into my back than the local wildlife, but he seemed to be having a good time.

We have been out on our bike every night this week, we’re clocking up the miles and finding places we never knew existed. I’m loving it so much that I am coming round to the idea of putting another seat on the back of my bike. A slight dent on my bikes coolness is a small price to pay for whole family adventures!

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