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Birthday Strike

Have you been bowling lately? I hadn’t until this weekend…

And, I can tell you it’s come a long way since the days of slippy shoes and ‘Ed’. The lack of a big shot New York lawyer was really the only disappointment.

Adlai turned 5 this weekend and we gave him the choice of the zoo or bowling. I didn’t think he knew what bowling was so I was surprised when he decided that was our Saturday funtivity. The experience did not disappoint; the alley was weirdly dark like I remember and there was lots of neon. It kind of felt like the future but in a very 80’s way. I feel like bowling is at its best when played by people, like us, who are terrible. The boys loved it and  with the assistance of ramps and the gutter guards managed to throw the ball in the right direction most of the time. Most importantly, we all laughed a lot – it’s hard not to when a 2 year old somehow hits a strike.

Coming out of a bowling alley into daylight is weird and feels slightly wrong in a good way. It’s like coming out of the cinema in the morning. A mix of confusion, guilt and relief. We followed all that throwing (and laughing) with a burger; the perfect bowling recovery food. That was thankfully less neon.

So apparently we love bowling now. And perhaps less surprisingly we still love burgers. Activities we can all do as a family are quite new to us and this was a memorable event. The boys are growing up and the activity opportunities are getting more and more exciting.

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