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Bunk Beds, Santa and Money

As Christmas fades into the January abyss, Adlai is reflecting on the season with some confusion…

We’ve decided that the time has come to move our youngest son, Koa, out of the cot and glorified corridor where the poor little fella currently sleeps, into sharing Adlai’s room. As we live in an English terrace house (and because they are a whole bunch of fun) we’ve decided to buy the boys bunk beds. Unfortunately, our finances are a little ‘Christmas’d’ out so we might need to save up for a little while. 

Unfortunately a ‘little while’ is far too long for a 5-year-old, excited at the concept of a top bunk and a room-mate. So, Adlai has come up with a number of measures to speed the process along. His first thought was to ask Santa – but turns out Santa was also feeling Christmas’d out in the finance department. I also, had the ‘that’s not really how the funding for Santa works conversation’ but again, it didn’t really seem to land.  

Then he remembered he’s been saving coins he found around the house to pay for a trip to America.  Having just returned from the USA he suggested we use ‘his’ money toward the bed instead. So – we counted the money and the good news is we are close to covering 1% of the total cost. After telling Adlai it wasn’t quite enough, unfazed he searched around the house sure that there ‘must be more money round here somewhere’…

I hope so, bud. I hope so.

After a brief conversation about how much money we’d get for an old wheeto we decided that a more ‘grown up’ plan might be required. So I guess we’ll wait until pay day and until then make do with the odd ‘mattress on the floor’ sleepover. The darkness of January continues to deepen…but the dawn of the bunkbed is just a few weeks away.

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