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Calling All Socks

Socks are my arch nemesis…


Personally, I can’t remember the last time I wore a pair that match. If I’m being honest – most mornings I’ll settle for a vaguely similar colour that have been worn less than twice. Since Adlai started school the pressure on the morning routine has been amplified. And, no matter how well prepared I am in getting the boys ready it’s always the socks that throw us behind. 

Last Friday, with Faith away, I did the morning drop for the first time and despite the sock situation doing it’s best to add stress, we all made it out of the door fully clothed and on time. In fact, in my enthusiasm we arrived at the school gates early enough for Adlai to talk me through his plans for the day – which, included playing with friends, fish and chips, and a music class. His day seemed pretty appealing compared to the meetings and slightly dry cheese sandwich that awaited me. Waiting for the doors to open also gave me a chance to meet parents all dressed in various uniforms ready for their working day. I had no idea what I was doing but, to Adlai school is now one of his favourite places – soon the doors were open and my son was cheerily waving me goodbye. 

My youngest son would have done anything to go with Adlai into school but his day, of equal excitement and quality lunch, awaited him at a friend’s house who met me on the playground. Turns out the playground is quite the parent social club – I kept seeing people I knew and it took me some time of ‘catching up’ with various friends before I realised that I should probably head to work. As I walked back to the car I reflected on the many victories of the morning – socks defeated, children delivered and friendships made.

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