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Gaviscon, Ear Plugs, and a Man Named Charlie


As I woke up on my day off from work, my usual sense of relaxation was disturbed by the task ahead. I knew that today I must fix my car… or (the more likely option) pay someone to fix it for me. Knowing nothing about the subject I did a bit of research on the internet and headed out to my little Metro.

After spraying the engine liberally with WD40 I did feel more manly but there wasn’t much improvement in the car department. Several people had walked past while I was ‘working’ but one man named Charlie asked the most heart-warming question…

“Do you need any help?

Without hesitation and trying not to look too desperate I replied: “Yes… err… please.”

Within a minute my new hero Charlie had brought my car back to life, restored my faith in community and taught me how to fix the problem if it happens again. Turns out he was a retired mechanic. Thank you, Charlie, from the bottom of my heart.

The whole thing has awakened me to new concerns about the car as Faith gets less mobile. And made me fairly certain that if it’s at all possible I don’t want to be driving the little fella around in it. When it was just me it was kinda funny when it broke down… now it’s all getting a bit serious.

Faith is responsible for Gaviscon’s surge in profits, as heartburn has become a regular feature to our evening. Her sleeping habits have taken a major hit too, which in turn has had a detrimental affect on my own sleep. Let’s just say that ear plugs have become my best friends. People will of course tell me that it’s preparing me for when
the baby comes. I suppose they are right.

Since Faith’s fall, our little baby has been extremely active, presumably making clear his displeasure at his rough ride over the past couple of weeks. It seems that Faith has taken heed to his advice, as this week she has decided to walk down the stairs rather than throw herself down them. It’s a relief for everybody.

So thanks to Charlie, Gaviscon and ear plugs, things are back on track. The countdown to our due date seems to increase in pace…just nine weeks to go.

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