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If I’m being honest, the dinner conversation which turned to each of us explaining the best part of our day caught me a little bit off guard. I’d only been home for a few minutes and my mind had barely escaped from emails and work to do lists.

To make matters worse Adlai’s mouth was full of bacon and he insisted on me going first. After scrabbling around for a few minutes I managed to say something about a meeting I’d had with a person I’d not met before but that he seemed nice (weak, I know).

With the bacon taken care of Adlai began to tell us his two best moments. Both incidents happened at Preschool and involved dressing up as a superhero. Firstly, he dressed as Spiderman and if that wasn’t fun enough – so did his friend. Then (Secondly) they thought it would be even more fun if they weren’t both Spiderman so Adlai took one for the team and dressed up as Batman.

Koa didn’t share his favorite moment. Bacon is more of an evening-long past time for him and to be honest I don’t think he wanted to embarrass me for being the grown up I’ve become.

Slightly humbled by the conversation I am planning on doubling my efforts to see if I can outshine or at least compete with Adlai’s highlight tomorrow night. I’m not sure I’ll be able to pull off a Spiderman costume – it’s the tights that make me more worried than anything but it would make the cycle to work more interesting.


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